Does anyone even read this shit bro? Well, we still gotta do it i guess. And Yes, this picture is here for aesthetic purposes.

We are Fake but somehow we are the realest shit out there. How? Well, we aren’t a company. We are bros. We don’t fuck you over. We are humans and not a legal entity that pretends to give a fuck about you want when all they truly want is your money. Let’s be real for a second alright, we want your fucking money too. We really really do BUT we also want you to have a good time. We want to earn your money by proving you good shit that you and your loved ones can enjoy just like we do. And If you are someone’s dad who thinks “uhhh they are abusing to children.” Well, then suck a fucking Peen bro. And if you made it till the end of this obligatory (still somehow true for once) “introduction” that everybody expects us to write just like one is expected to get a boner in a strip club where you are surrounded by other sweaty men pretending to have their lives together and definitely not having mid-life crisis, we wanna give your, extremely free ass that you came here to read this, a discount. USE CODE: JOBLESS10 to get 10% off. You are welcome. Also, Thank You.