Brand Ambassador Program

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Conversion & Business Details

Conversion Action Online purchase with processed valid payment.
Cookie Time Limit 15 Days
Commission Type Percent of Sale
Base Commission 10.00%
Additional Terms If you successfully get people to buy using your affiliate link, you will get email notifications. You will request compensation for those sale(s) once your earnings are greater than ₹500.

Perks of being our Brand Ambassador.

  1. Exclusive 20% OFF on all products.
  2. Features on our social media and website.
  3. Getting Highlighted in our social media ads that get thousands of views
  4. Get 10% percentage of every sale you refer.

Being an ambassador also means we’ll take your suggestions when we launch new products that spread happiness to families worldwide.


How much money do i make?

10% of all sales you generate through your link.

How do i apply?

You must complete the brand ambassador application to apply and wait for our approval. You will receive an email once we approve your application.

When someone clicks on my link, if they don't purchase that first session but come back to The Fake Apparel later, do i still get credit for that purchase?

You will get your credit for purchases within 15 days of someone clicking through your link.

How do i see my sales?

Login to your account and head over to the Affiliate Dashboard. You can track your sales as well see stats of how many people clicked on your link, Conversion Rates, Commissions and most importantly generate your affiliate link.

How do i get paid?

We will approve and send payments once per month during the first week of the month.

You will be paid for the previous month during that first week of the month.

You can cash out Via Paypal once your earnings are greater than 500.

Brand Ambassador Policies

  • Payment from The Fake Apparel is limited through PayPal account holders only. If you require any other payment methods, you can contact us and put in your request.


  • You can cash out Via PayPal once your earnings are more than 500.


  • Brand Ambassadors are encouraged to share their affiliate links with friends, family, network and social media followers.


  • Brand Ambassadors will receive The Fake Apparel Promotional Asset pack to help promote their link. They are forbidden to share the raw contents of that folder beyond posting the contents on their social media, websites, etc.


  • Brand Ambassadors must only discuss The Fake Apparel in a positive or neutral manner. Any negative social media (or otherwise) communication is strictly forbidden as you are a representative of the company during your time as a brand ambassador.


Violation of these terms will result in forfeiture of Brand Ambassador status and denial of further applications.